Introduction: Companies working in the Paper field are on the verge of a packaging revolution. Companies are relooking at the attitude and re-examining the functions of the container which protects and dispenses their Products .Packaging is being viewed suddenly as a science that requires specialists expertise both structural and creative inputs.

The need for technology and quality in the box, besides scientific analysis of materials and processes, make the box a necessity and not a luxury.The box has to speak the name of the company and create an image wherever it goes. The box has to appeal to users and consumers as it is coming face to face with them.

The process of looking at the box has changed. A suitable partner for the creation of a product is a process which demands extensive services and analysis. So also, the application of design and development, technology, high quality production process and right handling at every stages has its intricacies that have to be resolved in scientific manner to address the quality problem as well.

Design of corrugated box

The objective of packing design is to develop the most effective and economical combination material ,design and structure to meet the packaging requirements.The three broad areas attributed for the design of corrugated box are

Functional design.

Structural design.

Grahic Design.

Any product design structure has to have a design suitable to effectively perform the function for which it has been intended .A box should protect its contents from the trauma, it will face in the journey from the factory to the customers .It should be strong enough to withstand the load of other boxes stacked on top of it in the godown. It should be user friendly ,so as to minimize the chances of mishandling.Moreover, the design cost for functional aspects shall not reflect on the over all cost of the product beyond certain limits.

A careful study of product ,packaging needs,warehousing ,transporting and handling system is required to arrive at structural design .It is aimed at arriving design optimization, Material Optimisation, and Container optimisation with specification for the boxes.for determining the structural design parameters.

In addition to functional and structural design,graphic design play an important role to develop visual impact in a corrugated box..It is the aesthetics of the box which strikes the customer. This is achived by eye-catching designing and printing.Good aesthetics can be generated by attractive geometry and colourful graphics.

In view of the changing scenario in corrugated box designing SSPML would like to give technical services to meet customer demands.

Customers requiring free services in the above field are advised to furnish the details of the following parameters.

  • Box dimensions
  • No. of plies
  • Fluting &Liner Gsm
  • Fluting & Liner BF.
  • Burst Strength of Box.
  • No.pins in a Box.
  • Flute Shape.
  • Compression Strength

The other services offered by theTechnical Services Cell for the packaging industry are:

  1. Estimation of reel size of paper.
  2. Cost Estimation of Paper in a Box.
  3. Paper Quality Testing.
  4. Testing of strength of corrugated Board.
  5. Box quality Parameters Testing
  6. Adhesive Testing.
  7. Cost Estimation of Adhesive Requirement in a Box.
  8. Cost Estimation of Stiching Pins.
  9. Estimation of Printing charges.
  10. Estimation of Transportation cost of corrugated Box.
  11. Stack height determination.
  12. Process Defects Control.
  13. Estimation of load on the bottom box.
  14. Cost Estimation of corrugated Box.

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